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Annual maintenance Service

Preventative maintenance and annual tune-ups help detect issues when they are minor and reduces the need for expensive repairs in the future. Regular maintenance can also lead to improved efficiency and potentially extend your system’s life in the long run.

Annual maintenance service includes

  • Clean or replace filters

  • Clean condenser and evaporator coils

  • Clean drain lines 

  • Clear drain pans of any standing water

  • Replace worn pulleys and belts

  • Inspect ducts for mold, dust, and debris

  • Observe humidity levels and adjust appropriately 

  • Check refrigerant charge and for leaks

  • Test thermostats and controls to make sure temperatures and timer functions are correctly set

  • Check electrical system and connections

  • Check fan motor

  • Check blowers and blades for proper airflow

  • Lubricate motors bearings and moving parts

  • Inspect cabinet for leaks and check cabinet door for secure closure

  • Check for debris around the outside unit

services we do

Mini Split

Mini-splits are heating and cooling systems that allow you to control the temperatures in individual rooms or spaces without duct. Mini-split systems are much more energy efficient than window-mounted AC units.

Central A/C

This system is the best way to cool your entire home. Central Air distributes cooled air throughout ductwork with return and supply registers in each room. If you have ductwork in place and are looking for whole-house cooling, this is the most popular system.

Heap Pump

It is part of a home heating and cooling system like an air conditioner such as central air, it can cool your home, but it’s also capable of providing heat. Because they handle both cooling and heating, homeowners may not need to install separate systems to heat their homes.

Gas Heater

A gas furnace is a home heating appliance that runs off of natural gas. The natural gas is ignited in the furnace, warming up the air, which is then delivered throughout the home. A fully functioning gas furnace requires all of its components to be working in sync.


Tankless water heaters heat water instantaneously without the use of a storage tank. When a hot water faucet is turned on, cold water flows through a heat exchanger in the unit, and either a natural gas burner or an electric element heats the water.

Commercial System

We are  also specialized on commercial A/C unit or refrigeration for repair and installation.

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